Major Ring Podcast

The Major Ring Podcast (formerly Digital Moguls) is a series of weekly interviews speeches with prominent entrepreneurial leaders hosted by HYPER CRUNCH.

The main objective is to create an inspiring environment for viewers to get insights from amazing curated ventures.

Get inspired by leaders in top industries to jumpstart your career in digital and discover amazing stories.

Simply choose an episode and enjoy!

Season 2

Episode 1 - Michael Moss @ PromoMii

PromoMii alleviate creatives and marketeers from the manual, labour-intensive tasks of video editing and idea validation by streamlining post-production - allowing creators to produce multiple videos in minutes.

Bridging the gap between the increasing video-content consumption demands and production capacity with a further solution for mass content personalization in an easy-to-use, cost and time-efficient manner.

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Highlights from Season 1

BunkerEx is an online portal for owners and operators to find their optimal bunker port when planning voyages.
Stuart is Europe’s leading on-demand logistics platform which connects businesses to a fleet of geolocalised independent couriers.
Digital and Data Consulting to businesses in Web Design , Traffic Acquisition, Data Analysis and Competitive Intelligence.
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